I posted a while back about the home i was making for my rabbit. I finished this ages ago now but i forgot to post about it.

It turned out really well, we laid down the flooring to cover up the mud and and then we dug up the grass from the top of the garden and  put it down on the mud we dint cover up. This meant he would have fresh grass that he can always access. In the grassy area we also put down a tunnel, covered it with mud and then with the grass. This created a hilly type of area that he could lay on, sit in or use to stand and look out over his new home! At the start he didn't really use it much but then he went through it and never stops now. We also got another tunnel which was made for smaller animals and filled it with hay and it made for a great feeder that we can leave outside without worrying about it getting soggy and stuff.

We also filled the place with a few balls, a tile for cooling down, willow sticks, chews and a trees stump. We used the tree stump to help hold up the fence we put up as it had a piece of wood that was sticking out which worked perfectly to stop the fence from drooping inwards. I thought that it would be just for decoration and support for the fence but it turned out that Loki loves to ump over it and sometimes sit on it :)

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Talking about tree stumps, inside his home there is actually a tree/bush thing growing in it and its awesome because Loki runs around it lots and also likes to stand up and bit the leaves off of it!

Oh, and we also added 4 solar lights around it to give it a better look and so that it lights up the edge of his home!

One thing that i would like to improve though is his hutch - at the moment we have a standard hutch and that's why we created this space so that he isn't stuck in there all day! I would like to get a larger double height hutch with a run underneath so that when we put him back into his hutch at night, he will still be able to get sit on the outside flooring whilst still in his hutch! - Ya know what i mean???

This is the type of hutch I would like to get Loki as its much larger and is easier for him to leave his hutch 
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Hello All,

Most of you probably don't know this but I actually have a pet rabbit, and at the moment its just in a bog standard rabbit hutch and I have to let him out all the time and stay with him to make sure cats and other animals don't scare him.

To overcome these issues I decided that as we have a bit of garden that's not in use I would use that to create a little space for him where he can roam freely and go in and out of his hutch when he likes.

The Patch of Land
So what I will be doing is for 2 thirds from the right side will be pet safe fake grass from grass-direct and then the rest will be real grass so he can play on it or eat it. His hutch will then be at the back in the middle with a ramp coming from his hutch so he can come in and out easily. There will also be a tray in one of the corners filled with hay and. As well as the water bottle in his hutch there will also be one outside of the hutch (maybe by the little wooden table ledge that i may be getting which will allow him to go underneath where there will be a ceramic tile or climb on top). 

As well as the grass on the left, I have also planted a pot of grass so that he can eat that when hes not on the grass :)

To stop Him from getting out of the area made for him i will but up a little fence tall enough so he wont jump over it but it WILL have a little gate so he can come out of his area if I open it which will allow for him to have more space - I will only do this if i'm out with him though. 

An Early Plan
That Image is one of my early plans for the space but have since decided against the mud but in the future i may make a little box filled with sand so that he can dig. You can also see a list of SOME of the things that I will be buying for the space by clicking here

Thanks or reading and i hope you all had a lovely Easter!

Love this wall color and the overall scheme

First of all i want to apologise, i haven't blogged much recently because i have really done much and i don't want to bore you all!

So currently my brother is re doing his room. Him and my dad are going to be building a set of bunk beds, they've painted the walls etc. After they finished doing that, my mum is restyling hers too! Although its only really a new bed, fresh lick of paint and some accessories so i mean, that shouldn't take too long. 

The bed my mum really likes/wants

So, i decided i want to do my room to! Its like really small - basically a cardboard box :), and so. I need something that will both make the room look bigger but also be quite stylish and modern-ish. I settled on a turquoise/aqua colors along with whites and silvers. 

We have to get a bunk bed in there which i'll probably paint white, 2 draws and a book case so i'm hoping my mum will get 2 of those 1 door thin wardrobes (a bit like the ones in the pax wardrobe thing from IKEA). which will hopefully create a bit more room and if i can find some with mirror fronts then, that's a bonus too! I'm also thinking about getting some white floating shelves which will go well with the turqouisey walls!

And this is an awesome part - imagine a chandelier! i found a few on Amazon which I like the look of and also seem pretty cool. Of course, there not gonna be brilliant £600 light fittings with silver gold and crystals but i do think they look fairly nice for £20! I think that a chandelier will also go nicely with a lamp with a glass shade

So my question to you is, do you think this will work and look good or bed a complete failiure? Also, if you have an idea i'd love to hear it! Thanks!

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Zoellas Hair is a good example of what I like - She can curl it or have it straight!

The half term holidays have come and now i can sit back and relax without worrying about homework, and if i have everything in my bag! 

Although, I now want to get a hair cut as i haven't had one in a while. 

I have found a few hairstyles that i like (bellow) but i'm not quite sure which one to actually get. I am into the curly styles although I wont have time to do that everyday and so I need something that I can do pretty much anything with! For example be able to just brush it when i'm in a rush, curl it when i want something different every now and then or just the ability to do plats and pony tales.

I really like the blond straight one with a fringe and also some of the ones with curls. So i need some help in choosing. Please leave a comment bellow and tell me which ones you think will look great or recommend any that you have found on the internet or had yourself!

Thanks everyone!


Hiya everyone! 

I dunno if you know but pancake day is one of my favourite days! It's full of um... well, pancakes? Oh and too those of you who are not in the UK, pancake day is where the d is dedicated to pancakes - gives me an excuse to eat lots :) 

They're just soo delicious! They're so fluffy and warm! And don't get me wrong, I do love homemade pancakes, they are yummy. But I do also really like them mini ones you can get in a pack of 6. Up can't remember exactly what they're called or who makes them but they're so so nice. I generally have like syrup and sugar on them but also like chocolate spread, bananas, chocolate power sprinkled on them and also little berries.

I actually can't wait until the day comes - it's a shame I'm at school on that day, but hopefully they'll be cooking pancakes for us too? I dunno, they probably won't.

So yeah, I think you have probably caught up in the fact that pancakes are amazing and I LOVE them! 

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Okay everybody after my orange slip up that happened today, I received my new glasses!!!!

They are the first I have ever owned and i LOVE them. They're Black with turquoise accents, and have that big bold and modern look. They match my face shape well and look great - I'm not too sure what my friends will think of them of them but they should like them.

Anyway, if they don't then I wont really take what they say in anyway, As long as i am happy then, who cares? And also, some.people think of glasses as beauty :)

- NOTE: I know my posts are quite short but I WILL improve! I promise!
A Nice Looking Orange - Not what I stepped on, Mine was much more discusting

Today was disastrous.

I went to school like I always do and everything was fine - That is, until .lunchtime. You know how in the movies and cartoons people slip over on bananas? Well today I did just that, except that i did it on an orange. yes that's right, an orange.

I was walking down the corridor chatting with my friends and having a laugh and that's when  it all happened. I stepped on the orange and it it slipped beneath my foot and it brought me with it. Before i knew it,  i was on the floor almost in the splits position. 

You can probably guess that since i was in school, there where people around and yes... they laughed. Even my best friends laughed - I mean come on! 

I quickly got up and walked away as if nothing had happened, even though something clearly had because everyone was in hysterics.....

I have finally started this blog!

My inspirations where Zoella and Tanya Burr. I cant wait to start mine properly and it will be based on:

  • Life
  • Beauty and
  • Places
I hope you stick by and I also wish to become a Beauty YouTuber later on in life if this blog takes off! Oh, and i have a reason for the snow - I like it :)

I will also be taking my own photos for this blog but didn't have anything to take them with when i wrote this blog post.

- Kianna
Hello Everybody,

welcome to my blog - soon to be filled with fun, pranks, challenges, beauty and lifestyle tips.