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I posted a while back about the home i was making for my rabbit. I finished this ages ago now but i forgot to post about it.

It turned out really well, we laid down the flooring to cover up the mud and and then we dug up the grass from the top of the garden and  put it down on the mud we dint cover up. This meant he would have fresh grass that he can always access. In the grassy area we also put down a tunnel, covered it with mud and then with the grass. This created a hilly type of area that he could lay on, sit in or use to stand and look out over his new home! At the start he didn't really use it much but then he went through it and never stops now. We also got another tunnel which was made for smaller animals and filled it with hay and it made for a great feeder that we can leave outside without worrying about it getting soggy and stuff.

We also filled the place with a few balls, a tile for cooling down, willow sticks, chews and a trees stump. We used the tree stump to help hold up the fence we put up as it had a piece of wood that was sticking out which worked perfectly to stop the fence from drooping inwards. I thought that it would be just for decoration and support for the fence but it turned out that Loki loves to ump over it and sometimes sit on it :)

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Talking about tree stumps, inside his home there is actually a tree/bush thing growing in it and its awesome because Loki runs around it lots and also likes to stand up and bit the leaves off of it!

Oh, and we also added 4 solar lights around it to give it a better look and so that it lights up the edge of his home!

One thing that i would like to improve though is his hutch - at the moment we have a standard hutch and that's why we created this space so that he isn't stuck in there all day! I would like to get a larger double height hutch with a run underneath so that when we put him back into his hutch at night, he will still be able to get sit on the outside flooring whilst still in his hutch! - Ya know what i mean???

This is the type of hutch I would like to get Loki as its much larger and is easier for him to leave his hutch 
I hope you liked this post, i think its one of the longest that I have written actually! Please leave a comment, share with your friends and subscribe using the form on the right! - Goodbye for now!

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