Haircut Ideas?

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Zoellas Hair is a good example of what I like - She can curl it or have it straight!

The half term holidays have come and now i can sit back and relax without worrying about homework, and if i have everything in my bag! 

Although, I now want to get a hair cut as i haven't had one in a while. 

I have found a few hairstyles that i like (bellow) but i'm not quite sure which one to actually get. I am into the curly styles although I wont have time to do that everyday and so I need something that I can do pretty much anything with! For example be able to just brush it when i'm in a rush, curl it when i want something different every now and then or just the ability to do plats and pony tales.

I really like the blond straight one with a fringe and also some of the ones with curls. So i need some help in choosing. Please leave a comment bellow and tell me which ones you think will look great or recommend any that you have found on the internet or had yourself!

Thanks everyone!


Kianna Parsons


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