Orange Slip Up

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A Nice Looking Orange - Not what I stepped on, Mine was much more discusting

Today was disastrous.

I went to school like I always do and everything was fine - That is, until .lunchtime. You know how in the movies and cartoons people slip over on bananas? Well today I did just that, except that i did it on an orange. yes that's right, an orange.

I was walking down the corridor chatting with my friends and having a laugh and that's when  it all happened. I stepped on the orange and it it slipped beneath my foot and it brought me with it. Before i knew it,  i was on the floor almost in the splits position. 

You can probably guess that since i was in school, there where people around and yes... they laughed. Even my best friends laughed - I mean come on! 

I quickly got up and walked away as if nothing had happened, even though something clearly had because everyone was in hysterics.....

Kianna Parsons


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