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Hello All,

Most of you probably don't know this but I actually have a pet rabbit, and at the moment its just in a bog standard rabbit hutch and I have to let him out all the time and stay with him to make sure cats and other animals don't scare him.

To overcome these issues I decided that as we have a bit of garden that's not in use I would use that to create a little space for him where he can roam freely and go in and out of his hutch when he likes.

The Patch of Land
So what I will be doing is for 2 thirds from the right side will be pet safe fake grass from grass-direct and then the rest will be real grass so he can play on it or eat it. His hutch will then be at the back in the middle with a ramp coming from his hutch so he can come in and out easily. There will also be a tray in one of the corners filled with hay and. As well as the water bottle in his hutch there will also be one outside of the hutch (maybe by the little wooden table ledge that i may be getting which will allow him to go underneath where there will be a ceramic tile or climb on top). 

As well as the grass on the left, I have also planted a pot of grass so that he can eat that when hes not on the grass :)

To stop Him from getting out of the area made for him i will but up a little fence tall enough so he wont jump over it but it WILL have a little gate so he can come out of his area if I open it which will allow for him to have more space - I will only do this if i'm out with him though. 

An Early Plan
That Image is one of my early plans for the space but have since decided against the mud but in the future i may make a little box filled with sand so that he can dig. You can also see a list of SOME of the things that I will be buying for the space by clicking here

Thanks or reading and i hope you all had a lovely Easter!

Kianna Parsons


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