Pancake day is coming!

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Hiya everyone! 

I dunno if you know but pancake day is one of my favourite days! It's full of um... well, pancakes? Oh and too those of you who are not in the UK, pancake day is where the d is dedicated to pancakes - gives me an excuse to eat lots :) 

They're just soo delicious! They're so fluffy and warm! And don't get me wrong, I do love homemade pancakes, they are yummy. But I do also really like them mini ones you can get in a pack of 6. Up can't remember exactly what they're called or who makes them but they're so so nice. I generally have like syrup and sugar on them but also like chocolate spread, bananas, chocolate power sprinkled on them and also little berries.

I actually can't wait until the day comes - it's a shame I'm at school on that day, but hopefully they'll be cooking pancakes for us too? I dunno, they probably won't.

So yeah, I think you have probably caught up in the fact that pancakes are amazing and I LOVE them! 

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