Bedroom Plans?

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Love this wall color and the overall scheme

First of all i want to apologise, i haven't blogged much recently because i have really done much and i don't want to bore you all!

So currently my brother is re doing his room. Him and my dad are going to be building a set of bunk beds, they've painted the walls etc. After they finished doing that, my mum is restyling hers too! Although its only really a new bed, fresh lick of paint and some accessories so i mean, that shouldn't take too long. 

The bed my mum really likes/wants

So, i decided i want to do my room to! Its like really small - basically a cardboard box :), and so. I need something that will both make the room look bigger but also be quite stylish and modern-ish. I settled on a turquoise/aqua colors along with whites and silvers. 

We have to get a bunk bed in there which i'll probably paint white, 2 draws and a book case so i'm hoping my mum will get 2 of those 1 door thin wardrobes (a bit like the ones in the pax wardrobe thing from IKEA). which will hopefully create a bit more room and if i can find some with mirror fronts then, that's a bonus too! I'm also thinking about getting some white floating shelves which will go well with the turqouisey walls!

And this is an awesome part - imagine a chandelier! i found a few on Amazon which I like the look of and also seem pretty cool. Of course, there not gonna be brilliant £600 light fittings with silver gold and crystals but i do think they look fairly nice for £20! I think that a chandelier will also go nicely with a lamp with a glass shade

So my question to you is, do you think this will work and look good or bed a complete failiure? Also, if you have an idea i'd love to hear it! Thanks!

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